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Bidasar Marble Pillar Mosaic

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"Bidasar Marble Pillar Mosaic stone cladding" refers to a decorative cladding option using Bidasar marble, a distinctive and visually striking type of marble known for its intricate veining and natural patterns, specifically designed for use in pillar or column cladding in a mosaic arrangement. Here’s a detailed breakdown:


Bidasar Marble:

  • Material: Bidasar marble, also known as rainforest marble, is sourced from Rajasthan, India. It is renowned for its rich earthy tones and striking veining patterns that resemble the branches of trees or riverbeds.
  • Color Variations: Available in shades of green, brown, gold, and sometimes red, with intricate, organic veining.
  • Texture: Typically polished or honed to enhance the natural beauty and veining of the stone.

Pillar Mosaic:

  • Design: The marble pieces are cut into smaller, uniform shapes and arranged in a mosaic pattern, tailored specifically for cladding pillars or columns.
  • Pattern: The mosaic arrangement can vary, including random, geometric, or custom patterns, to suit the design aesthetic.
  • Size: Individual mosaic pieces are usually small and mounted on mesh sheets for easier installation.

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