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Teak Mosaic

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Teak mosaic tiles are crafted from teak sandstone and arranged in various intricate patterns to create visually appealing designs. These tiles are known for their durability, natural beauty, and warm earthy tones. Here’s an overview of teak mosaic tiles:


  • Material: Made from teak sandstone, prized for its strength and resistance to weathering.
  • Tile Size: The size of individual pieces varies depending on the specific mosaic pattern. Common configurations include small squares, rectangles, hexagons, and other geometric shapes.
  • Sheet Size: Mosaics are often sold in sheets for easier installation, typically around 12x12 inches.
  • Color: Features a range of earthy hues such as browns, golds, beiges, and occasional streaks of red or gray.
  • Finish: Can come in various finishes such as polished, honed, tumbled, or natural split, depending on the desired aesthetic.

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